Because knowing your lists of irregular verbs is never going to make you able to communicate spontaneously, with ease and fluidity, in the foreign language you're learning

Students spend a lot of time learning languages in a pretty theoretical way. This way they acquire the absolutely necessary structure of a language.

The final goal

But knowing their theoretical concepts will never enable them to communicate fluently. Whereas the goal of learning a language is to develop practical communication skills. In other words, it is about being able to speak with people and understand them with ease and fluidity in different real-life contexts.

What happens

Cultural immersion such as living abroad or moving to a foreign country is the only way that can provide people with these practical skills. However, these great opportunities may require a previous level of language profiency. Moreover, going abroad demands planning, time and money. It is not an everyday activity which you can start whenever you are up to. Finally, skills acquired abroad cannot be integrated in a formal evaluation of student's knowledge during a pedagogical program.

Our mission

Transforming theoretical knowledge into practical skills
Daily practice

We enable students to practice languages on a regular basis as they would do in a cultural immersion context.

Native speakers

We enable students who are learning foreign languages to communicate spontaneously with ease and fluidity by developing their practical skills talking to native speakers.

Part of your course

We made this language practice solution integrable to the academic course of educational institutions, having the volition of converting theoretical knowledge into practical skills before students graduate.

How does it work ?

A network-based language practice tool/platform for higher-education students only.
The quick and easy integration of live practice to your language course offer.

Unlimited language practice time

LingWeLink is a webplatform. Users are students from all around the world. They trade each practice session/conversation of 30 minutes in their own language for a credit. Then they can trade each credit for a session of 30 minutes in the language they want or have to practice with native speakers. Nothing to download, live sessions are done on the platform.


Set assigments in a few minutes. Edit reports and generate marks automatically.

Members of the network are institutions. As administrator they can create supervisor accounts for their teachers who can set different assignments for their students and get the related marks and reports at the end of the period. As a language teacher you can, for example, ask your students to do 2 sessions per week during a defined period or just a total of 40 sessions in the semester for instance.

A user-friendly interface & secured platform

Have a look !
Student interface

Video presentation coming soon

Supervisor interface

Video presentation coming soon

Other features

Other features and the ones you will suggest to us!
Oral-based interactive activities/exercises/games

In order to avoid repetitive self-presentation style speech, and the lack of inspiration session after session

Recordable sessions

To go further and organise your own qualitative students assignments by comparison.

Customizable session content

You want your students focusing on a topic or a specific medium? Just set it up!

Co-practice mode

You cannot give some of your time to earn a credit? Launch or book a practice session directly with someone who is practicing the same language with the same level!

Your LingWeLink Team

Years of traditional language courses. Passionate with experiential learning.


Former Ecole 42 student. Experienced web developer specialized in data security and systems optimization.



Student from IESEG School-of-Management ending an Entrepreneurship & Innovation Master cursus.


Chief Design Officer

Former MJM Graphic Design student. Specialized in User Experience and User Interface design.

Towards a reference. Towards an institution in the educational world.

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